Friday, 27 April 2012

Evaluation: Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


In the process of constructing our product, our group has learnt many things in able to produce a professional piece of work. By using a digital HD camera, we managed to produce a better quality film to capture every aspect in the frame clearly which made our film look very professional. We experimented with non- HD cameras too and noticed a clear difference in quality with the HD camera.

Our group also learnt that using a tripod for still images and panning proved a lot better than hand-holding the camera because there were no shakes or unsteady filming with a tripod because a tripod allows the camera to be completely still which was necessary when filming certain scenes such as shots in the woods and for the characters in the car to indicate the car had stopped. Also, a tripod can be leveled and altered to suit a particular shot which our group found very useful because it allowed us to use a range of different shots such as panning up, staying on eye level and filming from the ground. These shots were very successful in our piece.


When editing our film, our group used Final Cut Pro designed for Mac computers. It was helpful software because it enabled us to use many different transitions, add titles and collate our piece together professionally. Each group member participated in editing parts of our film. We found the software easy to use and found quick ways to cut clips we did not need.


For each piece of work that contributed to the main task, we had to display this work on a blog which helped keep our work organised and clearly showed the planning and research we produced to help us in our main task. Each member of the group has a personal blog which all our work is uploaded to in order to keep our work stored in one place. On the blog we uploaded posts relevant to our film including research on the BBFC, other relevant films and an animatic version of our storyboard that we had to produce to help with our planning of the scenes. Originally, the storyboard was on paper but to show our knowledge of new technology, we converted the storyboard to an animatic version which was clear to understand through only images.

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