Thursday, 8 March 2012

Main Task: Sypnopsis of our Film

Here is the sypnopsis to our film considering we have completed our filming and have made a clear storyline.

Three teenagers are on their way to Brighton, as a friendly trip to escape for the weekend. One of these characters, Nina, owns a car therefore drives the other 2 to their destination. However, on their way, one of the characters is in desperate need of a service station for the restroom, but instead decides to use a side of the road which is in the middle of nowhere. This character, Harry, exits and then returns back to the car, only to find that the car will not start. Nina realises she has not re-fueled her petrol tank and the characters are stuck. Harry searches his pockets for his phone but it cannot be found and so he tells the others he has lost his phone. As he says this, the characters recieve a 'text message' from Harry which is impossible because he does not have his phone.

This is where the mystery comes in as we do not know how the text message has been sent since Harry could not have sent it.

(Further sypnopsis for the full film)
The other characters run 'Out of Service' on their mobiles and there is no one around to help therefore they adapt to their surroundings and stay in that location for the night.One by one, each character goes missing as they search around for help. We are eventually left with one character at the end who battles for survival, ending up alone and terrified of what lies ahead.

Main Task: Filming Update

Over the last week, our group has finally completed our filming for our opening 2 minutes of a fiction film. It took longer than we thought to complete our filming, however it is now finished.

The only problem we experienced in our filming was having all actors available.One of our chosen actors could not be available for the filming and there was not enough time to find another, therefore we only used 3 actors.
The filming was successful as we gathered many shots and the weather remained consistent and appropiate for the type of film we are producing. Some of our plans changed, relating to our storyboard which we will mention in our evaluation. The stage we are at now is our editing, we have already started our editing and will continue until we have produced the final film.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Main Task: Where will our film appear?

As further research, we have discussed where we think our film should be displayed once finished. We do not believe that it should be shown in big theatres or in a box office as it is more of an independent film, therefore it would be ideal to show our film on either MTV or channel 4. This is because independent films are quite low budget and occasionally displayed on these channels as they are not very well known. Also, MTV or channel 4 would be idealistic because of the target audience who usually view these programmes. As we have chosen to rate our film as a 15, agreeing with the BBFC, MTV and channel 4 would allow us to display this film because of the strong language and mature themes involved. Compared to a channel such as BBC, channel 4 and MTV contain teen programmes and films that would suit our audience range, therefore these channels would be successful for our film.