Thursday, 1 March 2012

Main Task: Where will our film appear?

As further research, we have discussed where we think our film should be displayed once finished. We do not believe that it should be shown in big theatres or in a box office as it is more of an independent film, therefore it would be ideal to show our film on either MTV or channel 4. This is because independent films are quite low budget and occasionally displayed on these channels as they are not very well known. Also, MTV or channel 4 would be idealistic because of the target audience who usually view these programmes. As we have chosen to rate our film as a 15, agreeing with the BBFC, MTV and channel 4 would allow us to display this film because of the strong language and mature themes involved. Compared to a channel such as BBC, channel 4 and MTV contain teen programmes and films that would suit our audience range, therefore these channels would be successful for our film.

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