Thursday, 26 January 2012

Main Task - Film Title

The important aspect we needed to consider for our main task was the title of the film, once we had finalised our ideas and come up with a fixed storyline. It needed to be suitable and creative to fit in with our theme. After discussing with the group, we suggested the title 'OUT OF SERVICE' as it relates to the social media, which is what we are portraying in our film. Since our film is a Teen Horror, it was important that the characters were involved with social networking on their phones, as this is a necessity for teenagers in today's society. Teenagers seem to be dependent on their phones, therefore in our film, we are showing that the characters rely on their phones too much and are in trouble when they need to make urgent contact with help when their phones are out of service - hence the title of our film.
I think this is a successful title as it gives an immediate idea as to what the film is about, and we feel that it is better than a one word title.

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